FF-IPM, In-silico boosted, pest prevention, and off-season focused IPM against new and emerging fruit flies (‘OFF-Season’), is an EU funded project approved as a response to a call within the H2020 program. FF-IPM targets three levels of prevention and mitigation.

  • Developing tools and databases that can reliably predict where and when invasive pests are likely to enter Europe.
  • Designing rapid detection and identification means.
  • Creating a management toolkit that would lead to suppression of any pest organism, should it become established, at acceptable levels.

As such FF-IPM aims to provide a comprehensive strategy targeting different stages of the invasion and establishment process of selected emerging (existing) and new (invasive) frugivorous fruit flies, thus protecting the European horticulture and trade from the current and imminent threats posed.


Promoting research for healthy, fresh fruit in a clean, sound environment.
Enhancing the capacity for ON-season FF-IPM through innovative in-silico tools and services.
Providing local, regional and EU-wide knowledge-based support to enhance EU plant health policy implementation.
Reducing production losses, post-harvest losses and food waste through better protection against fruit flies.
Integrated protection of fruit against pests from the producer to the consumer.
Creating a fundamental paradigm shift in FF-IPM towards OFF-season management of emerging pests.

Develop holistic knowledge-based approaches, innovative tools and services, to empower stakeholders across all sectors along the fruit production and processing chain