By preventing invasions of new FF species, shifting IPM approaches to OFF-Season, and in-silico boosting of IPM tools, FF-IPM will contribute towards maintaining the productivity and sustainability of the fruit-producing industry in Europe.

Specific FF-IPM contributions to each of the expected impacts (EIs) are detailed below. Further, a series of additional impacts, not mentioned in the Work Programme, are presented. Finally, a brief overview of possible obstacles and barriers to positive impact is appended.

Fruit fly invasion problem is multidimensional and involves EU, international, regional, and local stakeholders and organizations.


Fruit farmers and traders

Better understanding of alien pest situation in Europe, understanding of FF seasonal biology, increased knowledge of methodologies & tools for pest management.

Research community

Exchange of knowledge, latest research updates, new networks, new research methodologies, future research cooperation, advances in pest invasion & FF pest management

Private sector & investors

Better understanding of alien pest situation in Europe / need for closer cooperation with universities, increased knowledge of methodologies & tools for pest management

Policy makers

Need for coordinating a holistic approach against invasive pests. Enhanced cooperation & coordination for prevention & detection efforts. Climate change & FF emergence as pests in more temperate areas, promotion of adoption of new technology & approached in IPM

General European public

Understanding of the importance of pest management, impact on eco-systems, greater awareness regarding alien and native pests. Threads by invasive FF, community engagement in prevention campaigns against invasive FF, in-silico assisted precision pest management